Why Salesforce shouldn't be your single source of truth

In order to keep up with ever-more competitive markets, organizations are looking to make sure their decisions are based on data. This is raising data to the top of business agendas, emphasizing the importance of all-encompassing data from sources across the entire organization.

In this blog, we will discuss why you should be building a single source of data truth in a data warehouse, rather than relying on your CRM. 

Salesforce is considered to be the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which combines data across the customer lifecycle. It is mostly used for sales, marketing and support teams across the globe. However, it is not designed to be a single source of data truth, let’s explore why…

Inefficient and complex

While Salesforce is an incredibly extendable platform, it is purely a CRM platform. It is not designed to store huge amounts of data. Hence, organizations run into data difficulties, such as flaws when collecting data, assumptive conclusions about clients based on inaccurate data entries and more. Salesforce is not built to be a data lake, and does not contain all the appropriate data to report to your business, for example other business applications such as finance systems or digital marketing applications. 

Data model 

CRM tools such as Salesforce are not built to combine all your data across the entire business in one place. Extending the data model past a few additional custom fields soon becomes very complex and may well require support from expert technical resources. Because Salesforce is not designed to hold non-CRM related data, using it to create a consolidated view of your business requires extensive investment.

Data engineering dependency

Because the Salesforce data model is relatively complex and even more so heavily customized, accessing it and querying it appropriately can be time consuming and therefore expensive. The underlying customized structure becomes monolithic very quickly and awareness of its design is a rare commodity.

Kleene is the answer for these pains. Kleene builds your single source of truth. It combines all data sources in one place, translates data into one language and organizes everything to make it easier for your teams to work with, and deliver 20x faster.

With built-in support, Kleene provides you with a fully-managed solution for all types of data. Helping you deliver data driven insights to unify and drive your organization, capturing the true power of your data through data analytics. Kleene does not need data engineering skills, it uses SQL as standard which is a common skill amongst analysts.

Use Kleene to bridge your data silos

Rather than bringing all your data together in Salesforce using custom fields it is much more efficient to hold the data in its original source systems, for example, financial management systems, ERP, inventory control systems, SQL servers, SaaS APIs etc. 

All data sources, whether in the cloud or on-premise can easily be integrated in a single data access, delivery, and modeling layer with the Kleene ELT platform. Data silos can be eliminated and avoided, and time-to-market can be improved by up to 5x. 

If you want to learn more, speak to one of our experts. 

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