Five Reasons Why IT Departments Need the Kleene ELT Platform

Resolving the data challenge for IT departments around the world

IT departments are no strangers to solving problems.  Working across the entire organizational infrastructure, IT departments must facilitate the flow of information throughout the business, to keep everyone working at the pace they demand. Data poses a growing challenge. With data coming from multiple sources, on-premise, at the edge and in the cloud, how do IT departments maintain control, security, efficiency and accuracy of data? IT departments are facing demands both internally and from senior leadership to standardize and centralize data in their departments and in their organizations overall. 

The challenge to remove data silos in an organization often results in resource-heavy and costly data engineers to create complex databases to pull data into one source. As a result, many organizations maintain silos, or attempt to gain insights through complex excel spreadsheets that only tell half the story. But there is another way: 

The Kleene ELT platform is a cloud native, AI powered, serverless tool that transforms your data using SQL, to be stored in your data warehouse. It leverages cloud power to execute complex calculations so that data can be collected, centralized, structured and organized ready to be delivered into the hands of your analysts. The Kleene ELT platform allows businesses to accelerate their journey to insight. The ELT platform has various benefits including scalability, speed, security, empowered employees and cost saving on a team of engineers. IT departments around the globe are utilizing this new technology to increase insights in both their own departments, and across their organizations, leading the way to a more efficient way to manage and utilize data for competitive advantage

1. Improve control

Security is a constant concern for IT departments - both when managing their own departmental data and for the organization as a whole.  Safe storage of data which  is spread across multiple platforms is a serious consideration - especially when that data can be moved and manipulated manually by employees trying to gain a complete picture.  The Kleene ELT platform securely manages all your data, storing it in a secure data warehouse at a location of your choice. It ensures the integrity of your data using automated processes that work in real time. By maintaining control of business data, IT departments can ensure their resources are utilized effectively whilst maintaining the activities of the infrastructure. 

2. Scalability

Flexibility to respond to business needs is a vital asset in organizations today and, for IT departments, scalability has become a key consideration when investing in new solutions or technology. IT departments must be able to increase or decrease their activities and capabilities to suit the needs of the business and its  customers. 

Implementing an ELT platform is intended to be scaled to meet business’s changing IT necessities. As an organization develops, it is inevitable that more resources are needed to adapt to the vast amount of data received. An ELT platform is designed specifically to help organizations scale-up and scale-down for optimum performance. 

3. Save time 

Time is a resource that is highly prized and vital not to waste. IT departments can spend a lot of time trying to find solutions to their business problems. By implementing an ELT platform for IT departments it is possible to spend less time keeping up with and fixing programming, sending client results for end users and on other more challenging and specific IT errands. Automation and real-time results help teams to save time on these labor-intensive processes, so they can focus on more complex and important tasks to support business success.

4. Cost effective

The Kleene ELT platform provides the most cost effective way for IT departments to create a single truth of data without the need for data engineers. Until now, the only way for IT departments to unify their data was to employ a dedicated team of in-house engineers or an  external consultancy to deliver the complex engineering that is required. The financial implication of hiring engineers is dramatic, plus there is an associated cost of down-time, and unforeseen technical challenges working within the existing infrastructure. 

Kleene’s ELT platform cloud takes the engineering complexity out of your hands, providing organizations with a single truth of data without the need for costly engineers. Using cloud native technology to clean, translate and store data, there is no need for expensive hardware that needs to be changed or updated in the future. So IT departments can be sure the investment is scalable and secure, while providing critical business insights. 

5. Provides adaptability and accuracy 

Today’s business needs are constantly changing and without notice. With the development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and others, data is continually being derived from different sources, which makes it hard to extract, clean and transform information across systems. By cleaning, translating and storing this data into one unified source, the ELT platform, gives your department the ability to understand and answer your business needs, with the most accurate and trustworthy information.

Data Solutions for IT

Kleene’s ELT platform is designed to take the hard work out of understanding your data so you can get to knowledge and derive insights quicker. Trusted by enterprises world wide, whether you are new to cloud or cloud- native, we meet you where you are in your data and cloud journey. We can connect to any data source, ensuring infinite scalability with a data platform that grows with your business needs. Whether you’re looking to improve analytics for your IT department or your organization as a whole, Kleene can speed up your journey to knowledge so you can derive the insights and innovations that will differentiate your organization from the competition. 

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