Five Reasons Why Business Analysts Need the Kleene ELT platform

A new data truth for Business Analysts 

Business analysts (BAs) play a vital role in deciding the future of a business by acting as a bridge between business ideas and actual capabilities. Their role reaches across the entire organization; from people and processes to tasks and technologies, delving into the data and translating it into usable knowledge and insights. Data analysis is the key to a BA’s insights but data derives from multiple sources, in different languages and to translate that data into one usable source requires the efforts of data engineers.

The Kleene ELT platform is revolutionizing the way BAs approach data. This cloud native, AI powered, serverless tool that transforms data using SQL, without the need of costly engineers. It leverages cloud power to execute complex calculations so that data can be collected, centralized, structured and organized in a data warehouse, ready to be delivered into the hands of the analysts. The ELT platform is accelerating the BAs’  journey to insight, giving them the knowledge they need, when it’s most relevant.. Organizations around the globe are harnessing the power of the Kleene ELT platform for it’s  scalability, speed and security, whilst empowering employees and saving the associated cost of data  engineers. Here’s five reasons why business analysts need the Kleene ELT platform:

1. Rapid insights

Business analysts gather and access information from multiple sources, such as customer relationship management (CRM) databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and many others. Data must be organized, centralized and structured, so that insights can be gleaned from the full data story - and not be hidden away in data  silos. 

The ELT platform automates the unification of data so it can be accessed and analyzed anywhere - in real time - on any device. It makes it simpler to separate information storehouses and make data accessible across departments, operations, and organizations units. Applying the Kleene ELT platform to business analysts departments is not only crucial for their performance, but also to business success. Business analysts deal with large data sets and the processing power of the cloud, can get them from source to insight much faster than locally storing data. 

2. Storage

Easily accessible, secure data storage is essential for business analysts.  In days gone by, data would be generated and stored in the organization’s servers often sitting in silos or requiring manual processes to create a full picture of the data. Now, data is generated across even more applications, in the cloud, on premise, presenting an even greater challenge to amalgamate efficiently, without losing data or being open to human error. 

The ELT platform overcomes this challenge by cleaning and translating all data so that it can be stored and analyzed in one language - no matter where it comes from. This data is then stored in the secure data warehouse for easy access when business analysts need it. By simplifying the data storage process, and putting accurate, complete data, directly in the hands of the BAs, organizations can save time, resources, and deliver insights for business success, quicker. 

3. Disaster Recovery

Data loss, software dysfunction, threats and data breaches, all pose risk to an organization. Choosing a cloud-based platform can reduce these risks and aid disaster recovery as the data is saved securely in the cloud - rather than on a physical server. Data can be easily backed up and recovered at the click of a button. Data cloud also provides business analysts with better hardware, better understanding across all departments, and more effective workflows. 

4. Real time data ingest

Business analysts ingest data in two different ways; Streamed ingestion, used to access data in real-time or batch ingestion, used when information is gathered in a group. Data comes from a variety of forms, including  data lakes or a data warehouse, however, it can be challenging to gather the right information if the source is partially reported and managed.

Kleenes serverless data pipeline can transform business data using SQL, providing business analysts with cleaned, transformed, and organized data in a single view in real-time. This reduces the risk of human-error, and provides business analysts with ingested data free of problems. Having access to data that rapidly, helps business analysts to solve critical problems quickly, increasing business success and performance.

5. Automated reporting

Automated reporting provides business analysts with important and valuable data, without having to wait or research the data for themselves. With automated reporting, business analysts can have a full picture of what is happening across all departments and how each one of them is performing. High-quality data will boost productivity, getting to new insights quicker.

ELT data for business analysts

The Kleene ELT platform is transforming business analysts departments around the globe. This single source of truth allows business analysts to get from source to insight much faster, to store and back up their data safely, with the accuracy and reliability they need. 

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