Data warehousing – when’s the right time to invest?

Beginning a data warehousing project is often seen as a daunting task, believed to be an expensive and time consuming job. Many businesses we speak to postpone a data warehouse project, citing lack of resources or data that’s not “ready”.

Investing in a data analytics infrastructure and building a data warehouse needn’t wait until your data is perfect.

Kleene’s ELT platform takes care of it for you.

Data in a mess? No resource available in the business to make sense of it all? Messy data breeds inertia. But the problem can be solved.

Building a data warehouse brings all of your data together, firstly eliminating silos, secondly uncovering gaps and areas for improvement. What’s more, by establishing a data warehouse as your single source of truth you can run queries, answer business questions and use your data to drive value back into your business.

Building a data warehouse to make it analytically useful requires knowledge and experience of how to optimize the environment for analytical usage. Achieving this infrastructure requires SQL skills found in data professionals such as Data Analysts and Data Engineers. Many scaling businesses do not have such resources in house. If they do, they would rather have their engineers focus on more innovative projects and analysts deliver insight to teams.

Enter Kleene.

How to build a data warehouse

Raw data from CRM systems, finance tools, customer success platforms, social media tools and traditional databases all look very different. As a result, it can be difficult to combine and make sense without experience.

In a matter of weeks, Kleene’s ELT patform powered by Snowflake creates a cloud data warehouse – resulting in your single source of truth. In order to build your warehouse in the most effective manner, our analysts layer SQL scripts to cleanse, organize and map data from your data sources.

With the warehouse built specific to your business needs and requirements, your data instantly becomes more useful and valuable. Our analysts will create domains engineered to your business – for example a D2C business would require domains specific to customer data, order data and product data. Subsequently, with clear domains created, analysts can evolve the infrastructure as the business grows, integrating new data sources.

5 reasons to invest in data warehousing

  • Creates a single source of truth.
  • Makes your data easier to understand and perform queries.
  • Increases the speed of access to data as it is already clean and usable, ready for analysis.
  • Ensures you have a consistent source of answers that can be trusted – everyone uses the same data to uncover insight.
  • Separates your analysis from operational data – the data held in your transactional database.

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