Quickest way to generate value from data – no engineers necessary

Accessing data can be difficult. Driving value from your data can be even more so. In today’s world, businesses want to be data led and data driven, but in reality, achieving this can be difficult.

Value from data - the old way

For many, the solution appears simple – implementation of a BI tool. However, this can cause several problems and does not provide a robust, scalable solution to the data problem.

For others, the solution is to build a data analytics infrastructure internally, firstly employing a data team (data engineers, scientists and analysts) and then implementing tooling to support the process.

Building a data analytics infrastructure internally is expensive – hiring data professionals and implementing the array of tools necessary requires a large budget. Moreover, the hiring and onboarding process can be incredibly time consuming.

Value from data – the Kleene way

Kleene lowers the barrier of entry to generating value from data to transform businesses to become data driven.

Kleene can build your analytics infrastructure in a matter of weeks. What’s more – you don’t even need data professionals to achieve this.

Looking for the quickest way to generate value from your data? Kleene was built for analysts, by analysts and does not require engineering or coding skills.

The Kleene process

  1. Discover: Kleene helps you discover all the different data sources that exist in your organization
  2. Ingest: Connect all your data sources in one place, removing data silos
  3. Master: combine all the data from across your organization to create a single source of truth for all your company data
  4. Insights: Integrate with your BI tool to empower self-service with bespoke dashboards that will drive the decision making in your business

Speed to insight

Looking to achieve access to your data and derive value as quickly as possible? You don’t need to spend time and money on hiring. The Kleene ELT platform tool, combined with our professional services is the quickest way to generate value from your data.

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