Why is Kleene called Kleene?

Why is Kleene called Kleene?

That’s a good question. 

Kleene is a ELT Platform that combines the core capabilities of data engineering, data discovery, data ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration, and observability - into a single data cloud. So, where does our name come from? 

Kleene was named after the American mathematician Stephen Cole Kleene and his three valued logic (3VL). This is any of a variety of many-logic systems in which truth values indicate true, false and null and this is core to SQL. 

Kleene’s ‘strong logic of indeterminacy’ is a particular formulation of 3VL that is utilized in SQL. The Kleene 3VL came from the studies of the problem of algorithms. This logic was created to indicate the indeterminacy of a proposition at a particular phase of scientific investigation. Critically, Kleene Logic designates that a state can be true, false or unknown, with complete mutual exclusivity. This "flavor" of ternary logic is foundational to database architecture and therefore SQL.

And this is why Kleene is called Kleene. 

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