Kleene powered by Snowflake

Kleene Data Warehouse, powered by Snowflake

You’ve chosen, or are about to embark on your Cloud data Warehouse project with Snowflake, the best in class solution, now what? Customers are then faced with the next challenge, how to transform and orchestrate the data, hiring data engineers, onboarding multiple tools and the subsequent processes which follow. Kleene, powered by Snowflake, takes care of all of this.

In this blog we will discuss with our CEO Drew Thomas why Kleene is the only other thing you’ll need, whilst answering these key questions:

  • Why have we partnered with Snowflake? 
  • What are the benefits of this partnership for our customers? 
  • What alternative solutions did we explore?
  • How does this partnership accelerate outcomes? 
  • What barriers of entry does it remove?

Why have we partnered with Snowflake?

Snowflake is the most adopted cloud data warehouse amongst our customers. Of all the options out there, we tend to find customers that use Snowflake have a better experience. Snowflake allows customers to unify and analyze data with near-unlimited power, flexibility and concurrency. 

Snowflake delivers a platform that our customers need to get fast, cost-effective and reliable access to their data. Snowflake enables data storage, processing and analytic solutions that are faster, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional offerings.

What benefits does this partnership give to our customers?

When using a solution like Kleene, it’s very tightly coupled with a data warehouse. Kleene, powered by Snowflake, enables a seamless vendor onboarding and support experience for our customers.  

Kleene manages the entire data cloud ecosystem. The Kleene powered by Snowflake partnership allows our customers to use Kleene as a central vendor, creating a simplified process for our customers, managing the entire data cloud ecosystem and support in one place. 

What alternative solutions did we explore?

Kleene considered having an internal blackbox solution, as often seen in the competitive landscape. However, it was agreed that leveraging the best in class cloud data warehouse technology would enable the best outcomes for our customers. Unique features of the modern cloud data warehouses are extremely hard to replicate. Therefore, Kleene powered by Snowflake allows our customers to leverage the industry leading capabilities of modern cloud data warehouse technology. 

How does it accelerate outcomes for our customers?

Streamlining the management of the entire data cloud ecosystem results in simplified, and quicker onboarding and setup using Kleene. 

Taking advantage of Snowflakes on demand compute, Kleene automatically parallelizes execution, resulting in both speed of transform and cost advantages. 

Snowflake's pricing model is primarily based on two consumption-based metrics; usage of compute and data storage. All compute charges are billed based on real usage, down to the second, this is a key differentiator in the market. Kleene automatically figures out how to parallelize jobs, this allows customers to finish the processing quicker, because tasks are running in parallel. Because the processing will be completed in less time, the overall cost of compute will be reduced. Therefore, customers will gain a simultaneous benefit of cheaper and faster processing. 

What barriers of entry does it remove?

For customers already in the cloud, our partnership with Snowflake completely removes the setup and configuration barriers. Processes including the set up of blob storage, IAM permissions and connecting environments are taken care of by Kleene. 

Customers who don’t yet have a cloud based environment first need to set up the entire cloud environment. This is before the steps listed above which involves both configuration and operational overheads. Kleene powered by Snowflake automates this process for our customers, creating a seamless experience. 


We are excited to grow our partnership with Snowflake from strength to strength, developing tighter coupling of features to Snowflake and continuously optimizing. 

After choosing the best in class data warehouse, Kleene, powered by Snowflake is the only other thing you need. We are the quickest way to get started. 

If you’d like to learn more about our partnership with Snowflake and how we can help your organization.

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