Five Reasons Why Sales Departments Need the Kleene ELT Platform

The Data Solution that’s driving sales across the globe

Sales departments are a crucial part of an organization: the linchpin between a company and its customers. Sales departments must build trust and loyalty with their customer base, providing them with what they want, when they need it, and maximize their spend for the organization. Data gives sales teams opportunities to enhance their prospects with both existing and potential customers, by providing insights into what customers want and how best to engage them.

Data comes from so many sources and has the power to reveal so much. How do sales departments gain a unified picture of their customers and make decisions to maximize profits and reduce risk? The challenge of amalgamating that data is often long and arduous, so companies either face an expensive technical process to gain a complete picture of data or have to work with siloed data that only tells half the story. That’s why sales departments are turning to the Kleene ELT platform to get them on their journey to insights, quicker.  

The Kleene ELT platform is a cloud native, AI powered, serverless tool that transforms data using SQL, to be stored in the data warehouse. It leverages cloud power to execute complex calculations so that data can be collected, centralized, structured and organized ready to be delivered into the hands of the analysts. Using the Kleene ELT platform sales departments have reported  many  benefits including scalability, speed, security, empowered employees and cost saving on a team of engineers. Here are five reasons why sales departments need the Kleene ELT platform:

1. Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics use algorithms that influence current and historical data to foresee potential outcomes in the future, helping sales representatives to evaluate their leads more accurately by understanding prospect behavior. With the development of new digital technologies, such as the Kleene ELT platform, it is easier and safer to store an accelerating amount of data.

In sales departments, there is a vast amount of data being collected from sources such as  CRM, outreach tools, social media, and across other departments in the business. If the data recorded isn't accurate,  predictive analytics won’t be either. However, it is a challenge within sales departments to effectively record, manage and update this data extracted from multiple sources. Trying to draw insights from sources such as an excel spreadsheet is challenging, costly and time consuming, resulting in important data being hidden away in silos.

The Kleene ELT platform allows sales departments to clean, transform, organize and structure data to create a single source of data truth in real-time. By having the data automatically updated, sales departments are  benefitting from valuable predictions, suggestions, and perceptions that improve  predictive analytics and boost sales. 

2. Customize customer experience

To attract customers and build a valuable relationship with them, it is crucial to customize their experiences through the sales funnel. Consumers nowadays are looking for sales departments to present innovative solutions to their problems. Customization is not just about targeted offers anymore. It is about the entire experience the customer has with the business. To provide the best experience, it is important to deeply analyze customer data. 

If the data is analyzed properly, it facilitates the process of customer personalization and reduces the guesswork when it comes to understanding customers needs, problems, objectives and interests. Understanding and fulfilling what your customers want will increase engagement and drive more revenue. By successfully customizing your customer experience you will  improve conversion rate and increase customer loyalty.

However, it can be challenging to satisfy customers' needs and experiences if sales departments don't have a single view of data. The Kleene ELT platform is essential to every department. In this case, it gives sales departments the ability to customize their offering to customers quicker and easier. 

3. Data-driven decisions

To remain competitive in the modern market, sales teams need to build a more data-driven culture, focussing their decisions on centralized data. 

The Kleene ELT platform collects, centralizes, structures and organizes data to accelerate the journey to knowledge. In a sales department, this will help you better understand your customers, providing them with the best service. Sales departments can then use this data and operationalize it, driving key strategic decisions. 

With the Kleene ELT platform, sales departments will be able to eliminate obstructions to access and trust while fortifying data administration. Also, when sales decisions are made dependent on data truth, it dramatically speeds up decision making, increasing customers satisfaction.

4. Pricing analytics

Pricing analytics are the measurements and tools used to understand how pricing activities affect the overall business. Using a data cloud platform supports pricing strategies that increase revenue. The Kleene ELT platform gives sales departments insight into the business outcomes from pricing by combining multiple data sources to show a full view of customer reaction to pricing. This allows pricing decisions to be optimized continuously to drive results. 

5. Reporting

Reporting is a vital component of a sales strategy. Sales departments must look backwards to predict and strategize for the future.  Sales departments need to know precisely which deals have been lost, won, or are reducing or growing , and the impact of those deals on the business as a whole. . If key data is hidden away in silos, they won’t be able to take any actions to increase sales performance .

The Kleene ELT platform gives sales teams a single source of data truth so they can accurately report on the past and forecast future deals to ensure a complete and accurate  pipeline of business. 

A Data Solution for Sales Departments

At Kleene we want to get you on your journey from data to insights, quicker. The Kleene ELT platform provides a vital solution for sales departments to create a holistic data-driven strategy.  We combine all data sources in one place, translate them into one language, and organize everything to make it easier for your teams to work with. Kleene does this at pace, smoothly and with secure, future-proofed technology.

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