Five Reasons Why Marketing Departments Need the Kleene ELT Platform

Gaining marketing insights with ELT data

Data is presenting opportunities for marketing departments around the globe. We can measure the success of emails, social media campaigns, web campaigns, loyalty programmes and more. But how do you amalgamate that data to create a full holistic view of our customers, the customer journey and ultimately, the return on investment (ROI) when we look at the bottom line?

The Kleene ELT platform is providing marketers with a solution to transform all data - whatever the source - into one unified source. This AI powered, cloud-native, serverless tool executes complex calculations to collect, centralize, structure and organize your data ready to analyze and gain insights. By accelerating the journey to insight, the Kleene ELT platform is helping marketers to respond, improve campaign effectiveness and increase engagement, quicker than ever before.  

Keen to find out more? These are five key reasons why marketing departments need the Kleene ELT platform:

1. Better insights to create engaging content 

The Kleene ELT platform brings key insights together in one place, enabling marketers to analyze and understand content interaction. Having data gathered all in one place, it provides marketers with a single view of campaign effectiveness and engagement. 

Engaging content is the hallmark of a good marketing campaign; it builds customer trust and brand reputation, it boosts your company's profile, distinguishes it from the competition, drives traffic, and educates your target audience. But how do you gain a complete picture of how engaging your content is when you are looking across multiple channels and the data says different things?  The Kleene ELT platform allows you to pull all your data into a single data warehouse so you can measure and analyze content across all your channels, in real-time. It provides insight, as-it-happens, on your content engagement overall, so you can respond quickly to what is working - or not. Marketers are using this knowledge to shape their future campaigns strategies with content they know will engage their target audience. 

2. Customized customer journeys 

Customized customer journeys are custom-made digital channels that mirror the particular interests and needs of a specific customer. With customization, organizations can provide customers with specific and varying content daily that can lead to a direct rise in customer interactions and conversion rates. Implementing the Kleene ELT platform within your organization will allow you to track and monitor the continuous changes in customers’ behaviors through the funnel; from awareness, consideration, decision and purchase, using the most effective messaging, at the best time.

3. Improve brand measurements and amplify experiences

Every brand will have a different set of metrics from which to measure their success. The Kleene ELT platform gives marketers the complete picture of a customer’s journey, and provides insights that may not have been before - like the relationship between advertising spend and customer purchases, for example. Through this process, brand measurements can be improved and experiences can be amplified to the target audience and displayed at the right times. By bringing together the data silos created by multiple marketing channels you can create a true omni-channel experience, measuring performance across the entire brand and amplifying experiences where it counts. 

So when customers respond to a social media campaign for example, the Kleene ELT platform can help you to respond in real-time through enhanced email or web ads, at a time when your customers are most receptive to your communications.   

4. Increase return on investment (ROI) with data-driven insights

Unification of data streams is a vital component to fully understanding the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns. Platform analytics can show you the click through rate on an email campaign, but may not show you that in relation to their engagement with other marketing or lifetime spend after interactions through other platforms. 

Marketers need to justify marketing spend and return on investment, so data-driven insights are imperative to departmental success. But with data coming from  so many tools and applications invested in, it’s hard  to derive insights that are all-encompassing, without spending considerable time on manual administration and extraction from the various data sources. With the Kleene ELT platform, marketing departments can gain a full picture of their data, allowing them to have a real-time view of campaign performance across all your platforms, including CRM, Social Media, SEO, Website optimization, email marketing and google ads. 

5. Driving innovation 

The Kleene ELT platform provides marketers with the opportunity to test new channels, track leads, and figure out the methodologies and channels that work out best for the target audience. By having your data structured and organized, you will have time to develop innovative ideas for future campaigns and marketing objectives as a whole. It also gives you the assurance that  all decisions are well informed, and data-driven. 

A Kleene answer to data complexity

Trusted by enterprises worldwide to provide end-to-end data automation, Kleene picks up the data topic for you. We combine all data sources in one place, translate them into one language, and organize everything to make it easier for your teams to work with. Kleene does this at pace, smoothly and with future-proofed technology.


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