Why NOW is the right time to do data?

The wave of big data is gathering now and has started to grow tremendously. Data is no longer supplementary, it is the beating heart of business success. Almost every organization that exists today depends on data in one way or another. Every department can and ought to use big data to outline their subsequent stages. However, for several organizations around the world, the complexity and volume of unstructured data is extremely challenging.

This being said, it can be difficult to know the best time to make an investment. Every decision you make must be justified; the true benefits and risks clearly mapped out. When the smallest misstep can set your business back, most don’t want to jump too soon. However, what these businesses don’t know is that in truth, data has never been easier to implement – you can never be too early.

Let’s see how you can benefit from data if you start implementing it NOW.

4 benefits of starting to use data:

Improved Security 

Considering the quantity of data that leaks every year, there's a lot of reasons to stay alert. Big data can help in forestalling unintentional information disclosure from happening and limiting the harm from those that actually figure out how to leave that situation.

Make informed decisions

Data = knowledge. Tired of not making the right decision? By using data, you will be able to deliver authentic and indisputable decisions, whereas unreliable and gut based decisions might lead to wasted resources since it will be based on an erroneous end. 

Being this said, data will give you the full picture and you will be able to explain both good and bad decisions to your stakeholders since your insights will be based upon good and  solid data.

Get the results you want and keep track of it all

Data should not impede your innovation, it should enable it. The hours spent wrestling with a data process that is inaccurate, inefficient and untrustworthy. It’s demoralizing. By implementing data you will proactively address issues, measure progress and capitalize on opportunities - you will find solutions to problems. 

Using Kleene data as an example, you will be able to visualize connections between what is happening in different locations, departments and systems - we create everything for you, so you don’t have to.

Reduce Costs

Too many businesses are held back by misconceptions about utilizing data effectively. Some are convinced it requires writing code endlessly or spending big on a team to build their infrastructure. However, it is the other way around, big data platforms like cloud-based analytics, not only facilitates your life but it also reduces costs significantly, especially if you are storing large amounts of data (e.g data lake).

It is proved that big data holds a tremendous amount of information that helps businesses direct financial resources more efficiently, optimizing their expenses and reducing its costs.

Now Kleene has literally just given you the answer to all of your problems by explaining how important it is to do data NOW. With Kleene the process of data transformation can be quick, simple and automated. 

A single source of truth allows you to ask complex questions fast and act on the answers even faster; to focus on extracting insight as you refine your business for rapid growth at minimal cost.

Kleene platform takes away the engineering complexity and offers complete autonomy to your analysts. Fully automated and lightning fast, it offers 10x the speed to insight and value.

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