The Journey to Knowledge

Transforming your data to make smarter business decisions

Andrew Thomas, Kleene CEO & Co-Founder.

Data is transforming the way businesses operate, and data volumes are growing. Estimates suggest that the volume of data we generate will almost double over the next three years. The challenge is, how do we use this data to create insights that can formulate and direct our business strategy for competitive advantage? Especially when that ever-growing data is coming from an increasing number of sources? Ultimately we need to transform that data into knowledge: how we get there is the journey to knowledge.  

What is the journey to knowledge? 

The journey to knowledge is a concept that explains the process of turning data into useful knowledge. 


Data: Data without context, structure or organization has limited value. By organizing and classifying data we can turn it into information. 

Information: Is where data starts to become more useful, by identifying relationships and meaning in the data. But as it grows, information can quickly become overwhelming, and the less useful it becomes. That is, unless we can transform that information into knowledge. 

Knowledge: This part of the journey to knowledge requires a significant leap, where information can be re-organised and patterns detected in a way that becomes useful. It's the existence of knowledge that allows us to make predictions and generate the insights and wisdom that businesses need to innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Multiple journeys - or just one?

Data is rarely a clean, consistent commodity from one unified source. Far from it. With businesses operating multiple systems and applications for finance, sales, website and more, departments will often work in silos, deriving their own knowledge, insight and wisdom from just a snapshot of the data that exists. The opportunity lies in being able to amalgamate and clean that data so it can be used in one, centralized source.

A lesson in Data Management from the data experts

The reality is that the journey to knowledge isn’t just a concept - it is increasingly being used by the best companies to deliver better performance and great customer experiences. In my previous roles at organizations including Just-eat, notonthehighstreet and Zego, I saw first hand how different businesses invest in expensive data engineers to solve the same problems with the same data sources, with the same goal: to bridge data silos so they can understand the data quicker and have a master source of the truth. And it made me think; what if there was a tool that all businesses could use, to simplify, clean and automate the centralization of data? So businesses could make that journey to knowledge quicker, and differentiate from their competitors. And that is how Kleene was born.  

A Kleene vision of the journey to knowledge

Kleene gives you the power to transform your business with the power of the Kleene ELT platform: a single tool to connect to, transform and unify your data and automate your workflows to deliver data driven insights. Kleene helps you to clean, structure and connect your data so that you can get to the answer of a problem quicker. We take the time and complexity out of cleaning the data, removing the need for data engineers, so your experts spend less time on the journey to knowledge and more time innovating with the insights it reveals.

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