CTO: What does Kleene data mean to you?

What does data mean to you, as a Chief Technology Officer? 

As a CTO it is your job to use technology to generate value for your company and help it achieve its business goals, in order to build a solid competitive advantage.

Most CTOs tend to be inclined to build rather than buy, but why do the hard work when we’ve already done it? Whether you decide to build or buy, the technology you adopt must align with your business goals. With Kleene as part of your stack, you can achieve far more across the business, saving time, money and resources.

Don’t build, buy: 5 reasons why Kleene data is the best bet.

1. You save time and get there much faster 

Even if your business is doing well in terms of speed, it is always a priority to keep that speed going. With Kleene, you will be able to move much faster and achieve your business goals in weeks. This saves headaches from business users and can only be good for your business.

2. Kleene ensures accuracy 

Data comes from several different sources, so it is difficult to link, match, clean and transform data across systems. That's why Kleene exists, to provide you with accurate and trustworthy data. 

We gather all the information so you don’t have to. 

3. Kleene data gives you adaptability

Business needs can change quickly and without notice. Kleene has been developed with business outcomes in mind. Our software caters to business needs, creating a flexible product capable of meeting a broader range of demands.

Change is constant, with Kleene data you will be able to adapt to change and find new ways of working quickly and easily. 

4. Kleene provides software AND services

Why spend several hours having your people trying to find a solution while Kleene data offers ready-made solutions and always available when you need them? By opting to buy rather than build, your business users can access technical support from our team of product experts and access to a wide range of services. 

We can even  help you train your teams! You no longer need to be responsible for providing answers – Kleene is here to provide the service to your data consumers.

5. Kleene provides a cost effective solution

With Kleene, the total cost of ownership is far lower than an internal build – something your CFO will be pleased to hear! A build demands hiring data engineers (or distracting your expensive software devs!) and tooling. This will be costly, even if it just means your software folks aren’t focussed on your primary goal. Save money (and time) with an all-in-one platform that doesn’t require data engineering – Kleene

So even if ‘buy’ isn’t the way you’d go for your core software stack, but you want to save time and money for your business, ensure ease in scalability (and save yourself a headache), it makes sense to buy, not build in data pipelining.

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