COO: What does Kleene data mean to you?

What does data mean to you, as a Chief Operating Officer?

As a COO it is your job to design, implement policies to promote company culture and vision, and to oversee operations to ensure your company is running in the most efficient way possible.

As a Chief Operating Officer you are probably already using data to understand what is happening in your company, but in order to innovate and succeed, you need to have a single source of data truth. Without it, you cannot report on past performance, have an oversight of business activities or accurately forecast.

This is why Kleene exists - to solve all your data problems so you don't have to. Let’s see how, by exploring the benefits you can gain with Kleene data implemented in your business.

Benefits for implementing Kleene data to your business:

Operational agility

With Kleene data you will be able to make proactive decisions instead of reactive. With a single source of truth, you can have a full overview of the business and as a result, spot trends and patterns. By applying this to your business you are going to place your company ahead of others, using even a cheaper option and meeting all your customer’s specific needs.

Become a data driven operational expert

With real time data at your fingertips you can drive efficiencies and minimize waste, instantly. No need to wait for the end of the month report to discover inefficiencies. Redirect resources in real time, responding and adjusting to the events of the day or week. Moreover, insights allow you to respond to successes and failures and ensure the continued functionality of the business.

Develop your strategic planning skills 

Struggling with your business strategies? Don’t know how to organize your goals and objectives? With Kleene data not only you are going to visualize everything in one place, but you will also get a full overview of your business, understand what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are, and which steps are needed to achieve your objectives. Lastly, using data for analytics and BI helps you recognize patterns and use them to create solutions and solve problems.

Improve operations with data-driven performance

Through Kleene, you can automate internal reporting and manage departmental performance. Establishing KPIs for each team and monitoring performance across the business through data will highlight missed opportunities and areas for improvement. A single source of truth can allow you to see how many support tickets are being generated and which customer service representative answers the most, or has the highest resolution ratio. Similarly, it can show you the ROI on discounting, your return of advertising spend, churn and retention analysis.

Seeing your data in silos can lead to failures in operations. Without a clear overview of the business, it’s impossible to ensure operational efficiency. Centralisation of data is essential. Kleene’s single source of data truth, aligns your business, quickly giving you an understanding of the impact of actions.

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