What kleene data means to you: CTO

Want to know what data means to you and your business? In this series, we’ll show you what kleene data can do for you, whether you’re a CTO, CFO or CEO. 

So, what does kleene data mean to the Chief Technology Officer? 

The great data debate –  build versus buy. Most CTOs tend to be inclined to build rather than buy, but why do the hard work when we’ve already done it? With kleene.ai as part of your stack, you can achieve far more across the business, saving time, money and resources. 

Don’t build, buy: 5 reasons why kleene data is the best bet 

1. You save time and get there much faster 

Speed is always a priority in business. Building takes time – from hiring, to planning and delivery – it can take months or years to produce what kleene can do for you in weeks. If you buy rather than build, you’re moving much faster. This saves headaches from business users and can only be good for your department.

2. We handle the maintenance, freeing up your resources  

Maintenance is a headache that never ends. With kleene, you’ll no longer be responsible for infrastructure maintenance, which means your team can focus their time and energy on the primary task of building a great product for your business, and leave the maintenance to us.

3. kleene provides software AND the service

If you buy rather than build, business users will direct their questions and technical challenges to our team, rather than your tech team. You no longer need to be responsible for providing answers – kleene is here to provide the service to your data consumers.

4. kleene data will scale with you 

Once you build a data lake there will be constant requests for more sources of data and models, which means the challenge doesn’t end after 6 months of internal build – it goes on forever! If you build, the job is never complete. kleene is a much more scalable method for your business. 

5. kleene provides a cost effective solution 

With kleene, the total cost of ownership is far lower than an internal build – something your CFO will be pleased to hear! A build demands hiring data engineers (or distracting your expensive software devs!) and tooling. This will be costly, even if it just means your software folks aren’t focussed on your primary goal. Save money (and time) with an all-in-one platform that doesn’t require data engineering – kleene.ai.

So even if ‘buy’ isn’t the way you’d go for your core software stack, but you want to save time and money for your business, ensure ease in scalability (and save yourself a headache), it makes sense to buy, not build in data pipelining.

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