Five Reasons Why Operations Need the Kleene ELT Platform

A holistic view of operations through data

The operations department is at the center of an organization. Overseeing multiple departments and tasked with the smooth running of the business, operations need to get to the heart of what is happening, quickly. Data streams are providing operations departments with insights on an unprecedented level, but this data, coming from multiple sources around the organization, can be overwhelming, conflicting and time-consuming to understand. As operations seek to understand the data their organizations churn out, they are often left with two options: invest in expensive data engineers to translate and unify their data into one source. Or continue working with data silos, which slow down operations and reduce effectiveness.  Now, organizations have a third option: to use the Kleene ELT platform.

The Kleene ELT platform is a cloud native, AI powered, serverless tool that transforms your data using SQL, to be stored in your data warehouse. It leverages cloud power to execute complex calculations so that data can be collected, centralized, structured and organized, ready to be delivered to those who need it. The Kleene ELT platform allows operations departments to accelerate their journey to insight. With many benefits including scalability, speed, security, empowered employees and cost saving on a team of engineers, here are five reasons why operations departments need the Kleene ELT platform: 

1. Consistent, centralized and complete data

Making the right operational decisions is reliant upon having the right information. Operations departments have to manage streams of data from multiple business functions, to gain an accurate overview of the business from which to derive insights. Often this is done by logging into individual functions’ systems and manually consolidating the data, which is time-consuming, exposed to human error and creates a delay between insights and operations. The Kleene ELT platform brings together data from various sources, into a standard format and language, giving operations consistency across the complete data set. This data can be stored in a single, central data warehouse making it easy for operations to analyze and share insights of cross-functional data across all departments - without any manual upload.

2. Accurate forecasting

Operations departments forecast future trends and activities based on historical data. To anticipate and understand customer interest for business services and products, or for monthly business reviews, they must have an overview of all departments' data. The Kleene ELT platform can help operations departments analyze performance across the entire business. Visualization tools, powered by the ELT platform, allow users to monitor activity based on specific metrics, supporting more accurate forecasting based on all-encompassing data sets.  

The Kleene ELT platform can also bring operations access to data and metrics that may have been overlooked in the past, as the data was either hidden within individual departments or too hard to access.  Operations teams can then deliver more accurate forecasting as their data is representative of each function. It also allows them to see how teams across the business are contributing to business goals, performance and objectives.

3. Eliminate silos

It’s not unusual for departments to work in silos: Human resources, logistics, marketing and other departments will all have their own objectives and in turn, have different types of data derived from different sources. With the nature of an operations department, the challenge becomes clear when trying to access this data from across the business. In order to gain a complete picture, all data silos must be combined, and translated into one source of truth. 

Installing the Kleene ELT platform allows operations teams to accelerate the organization’s journey to insight. It allows them to view all department data in one single location, in real-time. Operations teams will then gain a comprehensive view of the business that everyone can trust. 

4. Optimize business performance

Focusing on constant improvements, operations teams can help their business grow. KPI’s for each department can be gleaned and monitored through the data derived from other areas of the business, allowing optimization of business performance.  With streamlined data in one place, there is no need to wait until the end of the month report to make improvements. For example, operations can review logistics, sales and financial data in real time, to identify opportunities or areas for improvements for the customer success teams. If customer success departments have the right information and resources to, for example, reduce response times from days to minutes, business performance is optimized, increasing customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Operations departments are constantly looking at how they can make improvements; particularly operational efficiency. When able to access all data across several departments, operations teams will understand what is necessary to answer future demands more rapidly. They can also see which teams or team members are working harder and who needs to change strategies to improve their performance. Having data in one place gives operations departments an overall picture of strengths and weaknesses of each aspect of the organization. A single source of centralized data can therefore bring efficiency and productivity to the operations departments. 

Transforming operations with data solutions

The challenge for operations departments often lies in outdated or disparate systems, access to real-time insight, and the need for more flexibility and control. Kleene picks up the data topic for you, transforming the data into meaningful knowledge that represents the whole organization.  

We combine all data sources in one place, translate them into one language, and organize everything to make it easier for your teams to work with. The Kleene ELT platform does this at pace, smoothly and with secure, future-proofed technology.

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