Extract and load – the top of your data funnel

Tackling data silos and creating a single source of truth are very real business needs. To find out why, have a look at our previous blogs.

What exactly can you do about these challenges? Extract and Load is the short answer. Here’s how you can get started:

Identifying your data sources

Every system or process that produces data is a data source. An ERP system, a CRM tool, a transactional database, a financial forecast in an Excel spreadsheet – they’re all important. Each one contains valuable data, designed for an intended operational purpose.

Data Discovery is the first step to knowing your data. Auto-discover data across any application on any infrastructure and identify all unknown data relationships across the entire siloed data landscape.

If you use automated data discovery to transform your data initiatives you will generate discovery and automation. Therefore, your data teams will easily leverage their data without a dedicated support team. Automation and workflow orchestration for your data tooling removes siloes between stages of the data pipeline, making it easier to understand and access data. 

Greater accessibility naturally leads to increased data adoption, reducing the load for your data engineering team.

Combining all of your data unlocks far greater value.

How to extract your data

APIs, database connectors, file ingestion: one way or another, the data needs to be extracted from each source system or process. And then loaded to a single, central repository.

Kleene's ELT platform supports for any data source and empowers you to ingest all your data in the format and frequency of your choice. 

Your single source of truth starts with control of your data integrations and ingestion.

Your business is unique so the solution should be bespoke, right? Well, your business is unique, but the data sources and flows aren’t. 

There is a better, simple, trusted, and more scalable way. 

The Kleene way

Simple because there is no infrastructure, it is a simple click and play and analyst platform. It is trusted by enterprises world wide, whether you are new to the cloud or cloud-native, we meet you where you are in your data and cloud journey.

Most importantly, Kleene is scalable, we can connect to any data source, ensuring infinite scalability with a data platform that grows with your business needs. We enable you to access all your data in one place and one language. So you are empowered to make well-informed decisions.

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