Data analytics empowering growth

Data fuels growth. Businesses struggle to grow without data and data analytics and insight accelerates growth. With data at your fingertips, you can generate insight and apply it to your business to subsequently maximize revenue and efficiency.

Often, by examining your data you’ll discover missed opportunities and identify areas for improvement.

How does data analytics fuel growth?

Ultimately, data provides you with the information needed to drive your business forward.

Data allows you to better understand your customer, product, financials and internal performance. With it, you’ll be able to make informed, data driven decisions. Take action from the insight and watch your business grow!

What does data analytics help you do?

1. Better understand your customers

Data from customer habits and buying patterns provides insight to optimize business growth and profit. For example, by combining data from your CMS, CRM, finance tool and marketing channels, you can see the full customer journey and lifecycle. Use this information to segment your audience, personalize and tailor campaigns. Not only will this enhance growth through your current customer base, it will allow you to expand beyond the existing customer base.

2. Make improvements to your product

Data analytics empowers growth by providing the insight to allow for product innovation. Understanding your product strengths and weaknesses through data helps you to not only improve your product, but also to derive revenue from new products.

Moreover, understanding your customer wants and needs contributes to developing and enhancing your product, making sure you match customer interest.

3. Evaluate & prioritize success channels

With a single source of truth bringing all of your data together, you’ll be able to identify your most successful channels and routes to market.

Analytics enables you to monitor all of your channels and monitor their performance and effectiveness. As a result, you’ll easily see what’s working and what’s not. Firstly, this will allow you to put more resources into those channels which see success and secondly, you can adjust those which aren’t seeing results.

4. Manage business performance & establish goals

With analytics, you’ll be able to see the overall performance of your business. This includes everything from departmental performance, productivity of employees, previous activities and trends. Use this data to uncover patterns, set KPIs and measure internal performance against established metrics. Goals ensure you have a clear idea of the direction for your business, so that you don’t miss opportunities to help you grow.

Optimizing growth through data analytics the easy way

To be able to generate insight and act upon it, first you need to have access to all of your data in one place. With a single source of truth the true state of your business is revealed and can be utilized to generate insight on your product, customers, finances and business metrics.

Kleene can help you achieve this! Our software makes driving value from your data easy. Want to find out how?Speak to us, today.

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